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Astro 4321

Testing testing 123!

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Hello World

Following is an example blog post written in an mdx file. You can find me @ src/content/post/hello-world/index.mdx. Here you can add/update/delete details and watch the changes live when running in develop mode, pnpm dev

A pug in the woods, wrapped in a blanket

Using some markdown elements

Here we have a simple js code block.

let string = "JavaScript syntax highlighting";

This is styled by Shiki, set via the config for Astro.

You can choose your own theme from this library, which is currently set to Dracula, in the file astro.config.mjs.

Here is a horizontal rule.

Here is a list:

  • Item number 1
  • Item number 2
  • Item number 3

And an ordered list:

  1. James Madison
  2. James Monroe
  3. John Quincy Adams

Here is a table:

ItemPrice# In stock
Juicy Apples1.99739

Tailwind CSS Prose styling

I’m a simple blockquote. I’m styled by Tailwind CSS prose plugin